Monday, May 16, 2011

'Your love, Your love, Your my drug.'

The inspiration to write always comes at the strangest times. Like now, when I'm sitting in a Chinese-themed apartment in the city centre of Bogota, Colombia. My mother is here (in the flesh!!!), and she is upstairs, having a chat with some Colombian bloke. I've already heard them switch from Spanish to Italian to French to Portugese (hello mum, you are ridiculous). Meanwhile, I am downstairs still struggling to remember which words belong in the 'Italian' and 'Spanish' colomn, and reminding myself that I will never be as talented and beautiful as her...even when I am 50-something.

It's been SO LONG since I got on this thing. With all the changes from Ecuador to the US, and then having to adjust to stadium-churches and drink out of cups that hold more liquids than my brain does, it's been kinda hectic.

Although I can't completely sum up everything that has happened since my arrival in America, I can tell you all about a game that I have been playing a lot lately. The game is join-the-dots. A couple of blogs ago, I wrote that before I was a Believer the events in my life were like a series of black dots, just kinda floating. Once I got to know God it's was like He handed me a black texta and gave me the chance to connect them all. Well, as time goes by I am realising more and more that our join-the-dots isn't just a game that He wanted us to play once: it has turned out to be a daily routine. God is showing me that if I can just keep my eyes open; if I can just stay sensitive to what's around me how He's working, the game never stops. (Thanks for making my life fun Mate, appreciate it). He is showing me the madness of how all things relate to eachother, and that He will speak through anything. Seriously, ANYTHING. He can speak through books, He can speak through other people, mate, He can even speak through a rock if He wants to...(He made it, why wouldn't He use it?) God uses everything- good, bad, gross, small, big, evil, breath-taking- EVERYTHING. He doesn't have restrictions. He doesn't have boundaries. He doesn't have a set-list of things that He can and cannot do. He doesn't watch us through binoculars, or only come and help when we need him. His prescence doesn't just sit in a gold-crusted, crystal cube in some fancy church somewhere; He doesnt live in a box. It's easy to assume that God only does things a certain way, or that there are some things that He cannot do just because we don't see them happening in front of us. But, hi, God made the first man out of dust. DUST. I can't even see dust and He freaking makes humans out of it...and that's exactly it. I can't even SEE things, but He's there, behind them all, using them to make other things.
The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man; He is not served by human hands as though He needed anything, since He himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything... (Acts 17:24)

Every single day has been, and continues to be incredible. Around each corner there is something to be stimulated by; something to learn from. They havent all been happy lessons; some have been difficult, some have been annoying and others frustrating, but the bottom line is that I can feel God working and it's the best high I've ever felt... ever, ever, ever. Even the down-points make me high; I don't want to run away from the difficulties and harships, but rather turn and run towards them in complete gratitude that I know that God is with me. It's a high so intense that it makes me wonder why people waste their money on acid when they can just get high on God's love (which is free, ps). It's a high that never leaves- He's the first thing you think about when you wake up, and the last thing on your mind before you fall asleep, and every waking moment is spent craving and wanting more, more, more of His spirit that resides from somewhere deep inside of you and just makes you want to erupt and tell the world that they can get high too if they just love, love, love Him with every molecule that embodies them.

"In Him they have nothing literally, nothing in the world, but everything with and through Him." -Bonhoeffer

Well... I don't know who's love is that Ke$ha chick's drug...but I definately know who's love is mine.

Peace out homies,
Love, Cris

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